Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I would say sometimes that life is so difficult...yeah, specially when you are feeling blue, longing to someone whom you want to confide something, whom you can trust everything, someone is there for you for happiness and sorrowfulness, betterness and hardships .....

The worst thing is you have only one person you have trusted with your whole life but time comes complicated until you become hopeless!

I'll be gone for a few days, have to settle my visa problem I need to go out from the kingdom of Thailand. I pray it won't take long for the processing.

Hope to see you again!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The new threat.....

One of my friend in profession sent me an email attaching handouts regarding the threatening disease caused by mosquitoes.

Chikungunya fever cause by mosquitoes that hit Southern Songkhla (Thailand) for weeks now. There are 50,000 infected people all over southern provinces and 15,000 of this came from Songkhla alone.

Latest news is that this virus (different from Dengue) can even cause paralysis.

We are all advised to post this out breaking news in the school premises, in the classroom to take extra precautions even in our own houses.

For more information about this disease check it out and read.....


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Dermatitis allergy, Steroid allergy

I really apologized for the late update of my blogs. Due to many circumstances happened my blogging was also affected.

First, because I was moved to a new place a lot of things need to be attended like; arranging and organizing the room, bill, shifting and internet connection. Sad to say that until now I have no internet connection in my room yet because I'm still thinking about it actually I've already inquired to the telephone company but I need to check my budget monthly if I can afford to pay the monthly dues. So I'm blogging from the school where I'm working just for a while as the school not yet start.

Second, when I was in Laos with my friends (five of us for 8 days) the weather there was too hot and dusty.
I was really uncomfortable, itchy, sticky skin, so I preferred to wore sleeveless dress. I did not expect to have sickness after my travel. April 15, when we returned to my working place I experienced itchiness to my chest just thinking that was only rashes or (bungang araw in tagalog) so I went to the drug store and bought a cream (Clobet) I usually used this cream if I feel itchiness in my body and it's effective. Therefore I used it, second day came I noticed that it became more, the rashes increased and more reddish. I showed to my friend and she told me that she has TA cream and that moment of time I remembered that one of my doctor before gave TA cream for my rashes also so what I did, went to drug store again and bought this TA cream.

Two days of using TA cream, the rashes go up to my neck and now it's getting more! I don't know what to do....I sent message at home to my parents but no reply from them. I couldn't go to the doctor because the money I have is only a budget for my food allowance, room rentals including water and electricity for the month of May.

I keep asking my friends what's the best medicine for this illness. One of them has Calamine lotion, then I stopped TA cream and applied calamine lotion but still no improvement. I decided to go the hospital during holiday (May 8) It was blessing in disguise because I able to use my Social Security card. I was examined, the doctor told me that I have dermatitis allergy. She gave me some Pyroxide iodine; to be applied on the area affected twice a day, Loratadine; a tablet to be taken after breakfast, Atarax; a tablet for before bedtime. She adviced me to see another doctor perhaps one of her friend in other hospital, she wrote the name of that doctor for a follow-up check-up.

Those three medicine helped to lessen the itchiness but for me the reddish rashes have no changes.

My co-workers at school are very worried about me especially our head. They suggested a lot of names of doctors for the best service but I insisted that my doctor already referred me to another skin doctor and I have a schedule. I was already worried seeing my skin. I able to contact my parents that day May 11, they gave me strength and assurance. Hearing their voice healed my worries and fear, that brought me to cry.
You know there's mix feeling; homesickness, loneliness, etc....

I also did not wait for the next day so after work in the evening yesterday (May 11) I went to doctor's clinic in the city where I'm working.
She's a soft-spoken individual. I can say that she's a kind person. I told her everything what happened, the medicines I applied and she diagnosed me of having Steroid allergy (Steroid acne). The possible causes are too much exposure to sunlight during my trip to Laos, weather, water, dust, clothes (unclean) as my sensitive skin is concern. I felt relieved when she told me not to worry as it's not dangerous nor contagious but it takes time to heal, it will takes 6 weeks of treatment (the acute one will take 6 months). She gave me a bar soap, which is hypoallergenic, no perfume, no cosmetic the other one is gel to be applied to the affected area twice a day and antibiotic tabs 2 tablets after breakfast and dinner. I have again a follow-up check-up on May 25th.

Imagined how much my damaged this time whoaaahhhh!!!!
My colleagues told me that is very expensive for skin treatment than other illness.
I agree that. I hope it will heal soon.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visit to Laos

April 4, 2009, Saturday at 2:10 in the afternoon that's the time in our tickets. I was with my friends sitting on the bench in Hatyai Junction waiting for the train. Five of us were heading to Bangkok going to Laos for a visit and to apply for a visa. A lot of people in the station mostly the passengers waiting for their train, some are to pick up their friends and families and some are bystanders.

We were very disappointed when they announced that our train would be late for two hours. We could not do anything grrrrrrrrrr.....
Sitting on the bench for that long period of time was tiring also hehehehe......

Any way my friends were busy with their mobile phones, reading pocketbooks, talking until our train came around four o'clock. It was a second class train, air conditioned and sleepers. It took 16 hours of travel.

It does not much for the first day of our travel as we just slept on the train that night from Hatyai to Bangkok.

To be continued....

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Going to Laos (April 2009 Trip)

I'm very excited this Summer I have a chance to visit Laos with my friends. This will be sure because we already bought a train ticket to Bangkok. I will assure you to take a lot of photos of beautiful places and sceneries in Laos. Although I'll be gone for a few days just keep updated with my blogs.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beloved hometown

Leon my beloved town, considered as fruit basket capital of Iloilo.

Bucari area known for it's cool climate and beautiful scenery become the summer capital of the province of Iloilo.

I'm very happy that one of my schoolmate in high school invited me to be one of the member of this official site of the Municipality of Leon.

Thank you so much for the founders who spent their efforts and times to make this a success.

To all Leonians, congratulations!

To all tourist who are interested to visit the Municipality of Leon just check out;


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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Filipino Educators

Organization of Filipino Educators in the South of Thailand

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when the group of Filipino educators in Southern Thailand met at Songkhla province.

The educators from the province of Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala, had the biggest delegation, Songkhla the host and our group from Hatyai.

This was the first general assembly held at Samila beach, Songkhla. The program started at 1:00PM by registration of all delegates gathered on that day more or less 50 pinoy came.

There were many matters have been discussed like the ratification of the Constitution and By-laws, and followed by the Oath-Taking of Officers.

The dinner was superb! We brought food to share which everyone enjoyed.
The highlights of this gathering was the socialization. Each group showed their best in dancing, singing and acting.

It was fabulous because we able to met our 'kababayan'.
Congratulations to all new elected officers and the founder of this organization.

We hope and pray that our unity and trust would make this organization stronger and successful.

Mabuhay tayong lahat.

For more information just visit the organizational site.


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